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Principal Investigator: Stephanie Lanza

Advisory Board: Linda LaSalle, Erina MacGeorge, Susan McHale, Craig Newschaffer, Andrew Read

Penn State CORE is a study of the experiences of Penn State undergraduate students across the Commonwealth. The study will give voice to all students as they share about their life at Penn State, inform ways that Penn State can enhance their experiences, and serve as a gateway for students to elect to be contacted about future research studies at Penn State.

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Principal Investigator: Ashley Linden-Carmichael and Saeed Abdullah

The goal of this study is to observe substance use (alcohol, marijuana, vaping, and other drugs) and the combined used of multiple substances in young adults’ daily lives. Participants will respond to questions on either an Apple Watch or an iPhone in real time about their substance use, stress level, mood, and social context. We hope to gain insight about the emotional and situational conditions under which substance use and co-use occur to deliver intervention content to their own devices in moments of greatest risk.

Ashley Linden-Carmichael and Saeed Abdullah.

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Penn State SELF (Student Engagement, Learning, & Flourishing)

Research Team: Stephanie Lanza, Gregory Fosco, Hobart (Bo) Cleveland

Penn State SELF is an intensive study of the health and well-being of a key population: Penn State undergraduate students across the Commonwealth. The data, to include 21 daily assessments and DNA, will serve as a resource for Penn State researchers studying young adult flourishing and provide the University with information that could enhance student experiences. This project is funded as part of Penn State’s Strategic Initiative Funding program, with co-sponsorship from the Social Science Research Institute and the Huck Institutes for the Life Sciences.